Hot dogs, munchies, parties.

About us

Wiener Beach is a pop-up street food concept, virtual kitchen, and catering company serving up world-class hot dogs and munchies. The concept began with our founders Sam and Tristan selling their own experimental recipes out of their apartment window. The food soon garnered a loyal following and Wiener Beach was born. We make your experience unforgettable by synthesizing our two favorite things: delicious flavors and groovy beach vibes. We've pleased the palates of street food lovers near and far and we look forward to showing you what it means to be a Wiener Beach Bum at our next event—or at your very own party.

NOSTALGIA, but better.

Sure, you’ve seen a hot dog cart in the wild before: steamed dogs, a few toppings, cash only. But have you ever seen a Guacaracha dog? Have you encountered General Tso’s Wiener? When you’re at Wiener Beach, you’ll find food you can’t get anywhere else on the planet. A respected name in the street food scene, Wiener Beach prioritizes tasty inclusion with a vegan alternative to every dish we create. We use sustainably sourced ingredients to create street-style gourmet food that you didn’t even know was possible. It’s a guaranteed party at the venue and on your taste buds—just grab some extra napkins. 

We are now Available on UberEats!

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Only open during virtual pop-ups!

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St Pete
United States

Upcoming Dates

July 2nd - St. Pete Side Lot
July 16th - Secret Location

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